Mindware V5 Provides A Shocking Game Experience

It seems as though companies are trying to fill the gap between video games and reality a lot this year. While console makers and game developers do their best to make the graphics and gameplay as real as possible, other companies are trying to deliver a different type of realism to the games by providing some sort of physical feedback.

We've already shown you the FPS gaming vest from 3rd Space, which uses small pocket of air rapidly inflating and deflating to create a sense of realism. That's cool and all, but the Mindware V5 takes this to a whole new level by electrically stimulating your muscles in response to in-game actions.

I'm actually curious to see what something like this would do to the experience of playing a game. I guess it might make you better at it. It seems to me like electro-shock therapy for gamers. The pleasure of getting shocked while gaming will set you back around $200, but unfortunately only currently works on the PS2, Xbox, GameCube and PC. Hopefully they will update this for current-gen consoles.

[via Gearlog]