MindRDR brings mind control to Google Glass

Brittany A. Roston - Jul 9, 2014
MindRDR brings mind control to Google Glass

If using Google Glass through winks and similar discrete gestures are still a bit too obvious for your needs, a new offering from This Place will be right up your alley. MindRDR allows users, with the aid of some extra hardware, to control Glass with their minds.

This Place is a design studio that is actively working on MindRDR, an app that provides mind control with Google Glass. In its present early iteration, users will also need to grab a MindWave EEG headset from Neurosky to facilitate the brain-to-wearable commands.

MindRDR, pronounced “mind reader”, currently lets Glass users take pictures and share them on social networks like Facebook and Twitter using their brainwaves, as determined by the EEG headset. The current abilities, though limited, are paving the way for far more robust control.

This is the first telekinesis app for Google Glass, and in addition to the cool factor, the app could also serve as an excellent way for disabled individuals to control the wearable and interact with the world through them. The app is free and open source.

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SOURCE: The Next Web

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