MindFlix hack lets you control Netflix with your thoughts

Imagine lounging back on your comfy chair watching Netflix when you suddenly feel the urge to pause, skip, rewind, or switch videos only to realize that your smartphone has fallen out of reach. Maybe the remote has disappeared into the abyss that is your couch. Maybe you really just feel too tired or apathetic to tap on the right buttons. Wouldn't it be great if you could just think of what you want to do and make it so? With MindFlix, you can! Provided you have a mind-reading Muse head band. Or if Netflix ever makes this hack available to the public.

MindFlix isn't a real product, of course. It's a product (pun totally intended) of Netflix's most recent Hack Day, when it encourages its employees to think outside the box and make stuff. Still related to Netflix, of course. Perhaps one of the most practical ones to come out of that is this MindFlix, which uses Muse, a headband that supposedly senses brainwaves, and translates those "thoughts" into actual Netflix controls. That said, there does seem to be a bit of neck straining involved.

Less eccentric but perhaps just as useful is the idea of "Netflix for Good". The theory is that, after watching a touching documentary or socially conscious content, you might feel the urge to also do good, mostly by donating. Netflix for Good lets you do that quickly right from the app, no need to stand up and get your wallet.

There are also a few whimsical ideas. Unsurprisingly, they revolve around Netflix's latest award-winning hit, Stranger things. Ever fancied wearing the equivalent of an Ouija board? Stranger Bling has got you covered (puns!).

And if you ever wondered what Stranger Things would have looked like if it were a video game released during the era of Stranger Things, wonder no more. Stranger Games, no relation to Hunger whatsoever, does the imagining for you.

And finally for the parents in the house, Picture in Picture might sound like an innocent, in fact commonplace, feature, but what it does is let you see, in real time, what other profiles in your family account are watching.

Sadly, or fortunately, none of these products will ever see the light of day and are more of exercises to get the creative juices flowing. Then again, who knows, maybe MindFlix will become a thing in a decade or two.

SOURCE: Netflix