MIMO cuts prices on USB monitors

We were excited back in November when MIMOmonitors cut the price on its cool little 7-inch iMo Pivot touch screen monitor to $199.99. The company has now announced more price cuts across the board making the little USB-powered screens even more affordable.

The MIMO 710-S Mobile Slider is now available for $139.99. This little screed folds into itself for portability and weighs less than a pound. The 720-S Mobile Slider Touchscreen is now available for $199.99 and weighs under a pound.

That iMo Pivot Touch we were excited about last year can now be had for $179.99 and the plain iMo Pivot is $119.99. Both of the screens have a pivot ball and joint system and measure 7-inches with 800 x 480 resolution. If you have been eyeing one of these little screens, this may be the time to buy.