Million Dollar laptop has little substance, but it has a really cool case

If you're anything like me, you have mounds of cash just lying around just waiting to be spent on the finer things in life. Well, actually you'd be more like Donald Trump than me. But if you find yourself with this overabundance of cash, I might have something that could relieve you of a good chunk of it.Video after the jump

It is called the Million Dollar laptop. We can only assume that this would mean the cost is somewhere around a million dollars. But the manufacturer Luvaglio has yet to release any details other than the name, a couple of images and a cool little video.

Normally, I try not to report on stories that have little or no substance such as this. But I love the video, I want a laptop case that slides open and lifts up my laptop like that. Makes me feel like Batman or something.

A Million Dollar Laptop from London [via newlaunches]