Millenniata's 25GB Blu-ray M-DISC has 1000 year lifespan

Cloud storage, hard drives, flash media – they all serve their own unique purposes, and each are valid ways to store data, presenting their own sets of pluses and minuses. The biggest problem with various storage methods is a relatively short lifespan. This isn't an issue with Millenniata's newest creation, the Blu-ray M-DISC, which boasts a 1000 year lifespan with a 25GB capacity.

Unlike the regular M-DISC, which has a standard capacity of 4.7GBs, the Blu-ray M-DISC features 25GB of storage space, and obviously requires a Blu-ray disc drive to work. It still offers the other features of the DVD M-DISC, and is aimed specifically at individuals who require both high-capacity and a long lifespan for long-term data archival.

Millenniata says using an M-DISC is equivalent to engraving data in a stone, both because the disc lasts 1000 years and because it is virtually impervious to certain conditions that render a regular DVD or Blu-ray corrupted. The M-DISC is capable of handing exposure to heat, light, and humidity without degrading. The lifespan was determined via testing under the ISO/IEC 10995 Standard.

The disc will enter mass production this upcoming August, and will be sold under RITEK and Imation resellers and distribution channels. For Imation, the disc will be sold under Memorex, TDK, and Imation brand names, while under RITEK it will be sold under the brand names RITEK, Ridata, and Traxdata.

Said Millenniata's President and CEO Paul Brockbank: "The new M-DISC Blu-ray and its 25GB of storage enhances our ability to meet the ever-growing digital storage needs of consumers. Now businesses, as well as individuals, can take advantage of both the added capacity and accessibility of the permanent M-DISC."

SOURCE: Business Wire