Military Grade iPhone 4 case protects to MIL specs

Shane McGlaun - Feb 7, 2011
Military Grade iPhone 4 case protects to MIL specs

I dropped my iPhone 3GS and cracked the screen about this time last year. It took me months to find an iPhone 4 in stock that I could upgrade too so I learned a deep appreciation for protecting my iPhone 4 with a case while using the cracked screen device. I want a case that protects and looks good though.

A new case has surfaced that may be a bit questionable on the good looks part, but the thing is certainly strong enough to protect the iPhone well. The case was made by Jon Eicher and is a hand built one off for right now that was offered on Etsy back over the weekend for about $99.

It reminds me a lot of the cool KarasKustoms case that I have for my iPhone, but the Military Grade is more robust looking with a solid back. The downside to this military Grade case is that it’s not as good looking as the KarasKustoms offerings to my eyes.

Via Geeky-Gadgets

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