Miles Automotive All-Electric Four-Door Sedan

James Allan Brady - Aug 28, 2007

Miles Automotive, the company that makes a decent collection of more affordable all electric cars is finally bringing you one that you can take on the highway. Come 2008 they are releasing a 4-door sedan with an 80MPH top speed.

The car also has an estimated range of 120 or more miles and a mere 6 hour charge time. The car also has Bluetooth and GPS. And in case you were wondering, everything is all power, windows, door locks, etc.

The car looks nice for all that it can do, and with the price points their other vehicles are hitting I suspect this all electric vehicle may also hit an affordable price, something the $100,000 Tesla wasn’t able to do. I know the vehicle looks nice, and apparently the interior will too as they were both touched by Pininfarina, now it won’t compare to the work they did on that Ferrari Enzo a while back, but it still looks nice.

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