Mighty No. 9 delayed, will now release in September

We've been hearing about the upcoming game Mighty No. 9 for a while now, and though it is still progressing nicely, it won't be released when we've anticipated. Rather, in an update on its Kickstarter campaign, the maker has announced that it is teaming with publisher Deep Silver and that though it will result in a wait, it'll also be good for backers in the long run. Among other things, this new partnership, which the maker says it is excited about it, will bring additional languages to all backers sans extra cost, as well as a DLC that'll include an extra level and boss.

The announcement was made today, saying that Comcept has teamed with Deep Silver and the end result will be French and Japanese voice overs, subtitles in Brazilian, Polish, Russian, Italian, German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, and a Ray DLC, which will bring an unspecified additional level, boss, and playable character.

That's all good news for backers (which won't have to foot the bill for the additional perks), but is bittersweet as the game won't be available until September as a result; initially, the game was supposed to launch this spring, something backers have gotten uneasy about considering that it is nearly May already.

The new deal also means the game's maker will be given more time to polish and test Mighty No. 9 before it launches, helping ensure it's the best product it can be. The maker assures backers that none of the Kickstarter rewards or plans are affected by this new partnership, as well. Check out the timeline below for more!

SOURCE: Kickstarter