Midnight Scoop: Designed By An Engineer To Fix Your Ice Cream Woes

Have you ever found yourself in fancy of a bowl of ice cream, only to give up after the brick of creamy goodness bends your smooth and strains your hand? You're not alone. The problem is one familiar to many and bothersome enough to spawn a Kickstarter campaign for an ice cream scoop specifically engineered for its sole task in life.

The Midnight Scoop is made by engineer Michael Chou, who likes his ice cream hard and cold, something neutralized by the foiled snacker's go-to scooping solution: a heated spoon or scoop, which simply melts the frozen cream. He set out to create a scoop that uses science to achieve its task.

The design is made to work in conjunction with the user's muscles, and is built to withstand the hardest ice cream — it is forged from solid aluminum, its coatings are industrial strength, and its design is ergonomic. The design is promised to work with both large and small ice cream containers.

Chou took to Kickstarter to fund his design, ultimately hitting $72k+ beyond his $17,500 goal. Has science finally solved one of life's more annoying snack-blocking realities? We can't say for sure yet, but $50 and some patience will get you the scoop later this year.

VIA: Business Insider