Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Will be GSM Only Until 2011

After just receiving confirmation that Verizon wouldn't be launching a Windows Phone 7-based device this year, it seems that Microsoft needed to get their own word in on the subject. Unfortunately, while GSM is a far more utilized network around the world, there's obviously going to be CDMA-based customers out there, like on Verizon and Sprint, who will be greatly displeased with this bit of news. But, Product Manager Greg Sullivan of Microsoft has just informed CNET that certain things needed to be done to reach the schedule Microsoft wanted, which meant that GSM had to be focused on.

Of course, while people may be dreaming of a Sprint 4G-based Windows Phone 7, there's a reason why Microsoft is deciding to go down this route. GSM is used around the world, while CDMA is a far more "localized" effort. With that being said, Sullivan added that CDMA devices would be making an appearance in the first half of 2011, and no sooner than that.

Whether or not you bite into the rumors that the Kin deal with Verizon ruined the relationship between Microsoft and the wireless carrier is up to you, but it could indeed add some very curious points to the story. As it stands, T-Mobile and AT&T have a heavy burden on their shoulders now: launch Windows Phone 7, and keep it afloat long enough for Verizon and Sprint to get a hold of it. Hopefully we don't have a Kin reenactment.

[via CNET]