Microsoft's Surface Pro Launch Event Cancelled Due To Snowstorm "Nemo"

Microsoft's launch event for the Surface Pro in New York City has been cancelled due to the impending snowstorm "Nemo" that is said to bring around a foot of snow to the city. Microsoft had plans to hold the event at Best Buy in the Union Square section of Manhattan. However, it looks like the tablet will release in stores without a reception.

Microsoft's head of the Surface division, Panos Panay, tweeted that he would personally not be able to make it to New York City because of the snowstorm, and Neowin has confirmed that Microsoft has cancelled the event altogether, but the tablet will likely go on sale anyway at retail stores and online.

So far, at least 3,800 flights to New York City have been cancelled, with the possibility of even more to be cancelled later on. All public transportation has also been shut down in Boston, and in Rhode Island, non-essential state employees have been sent home by the governor. While the storm has yet to hit at full capacity, it looks like it's going to be a big one.

Microsoft's Surface Pro is the second Surface tablet that the company is releasing. They initially released the Surface RT back in October, which comes with a modified version of Windows 8, while the new Surface Pro comes with a full version of Windows 8, as well as better display and 128GB of storage.

[via Neowin]