Microsoft's Steve Guggenheimer Believes Android is an Experiment for Tablets

Tablets are all the rage these days. Even if they're all over the place in science fiction movies, considering how many times they've failed in the past, no one probably saw this renovation of an entire platform coming so suddenly. And, while we can probably chalk that up to one company in particular, we'll keep to the point. And the point is, Microsoft isn't afraid of Android. At least, Steve Guggenheimer isn't.

Microsoft's OEM Vice President, Steve Guggenheimer, believes, apparently wholeheartedly, that the Android involvement in the tablet sector is merely an experiment. He's chalking up big name manufacturers like Acer, Dell, and others' adoption of Android at this stage as merely experimentation, and that Windows 7 will become the Operating System (OS) of choice in the long run. He points out that netbooks started out as a primarily Linux-based market, but sure enough after three years, Windows is now installed on nearly 95% of devices.

Yes, netbooks rock some variation of Windows, and as Windows 7 becomes more prevalent, we're sure that's bolstering Microsoft's confidence in other markets as well. But Android is exploding, and not only in the cell phone market. And while it may just come down to a personal preference thing, and maybe in three years time the tablet market will indeed be overrun by Windows-based hardware, we really don't see that happening. It comes down to security as well: Windows 7 is a safe environment, for the most part (and we don't mean from hackers, mind you), while Android is still the new kid on the block. But, is it really "old and busted" against "new and shiny?" You be the judge, and let us know in the comments.

[via Wall Street Journal]