Microsoft's Project Spark Enters Public Beta On Windows 8.1

Project Spark was announced for the Xbox One back in June. The game is described as being one that offers "an endless adventure where everything is customizable." Project Spark will allow users to play what other creators have built and also build for others. Basically, the users are the creators and the players. And there is a bit of good news for those who may have been waiting to get hands-on with Project Spark.

As of today the game has entered a public beta phase. The official Project Spark website offers a place to sign up and those getting in will need to meet certain criteria. For one, you will need to be running Windows 8.1 for entry. The sign-up process is short and the the point — you enter your email address, fill in the captcha code and hit the orange Submit Request button.

Otherwise, details coming from those who have been accepted into the beta bring mention of the following;

  • Make games while playing with the revolutionary Crossroads mode.
  • Bend, shape, and mold worlds with sculpting and beautifying creations with paints and biomes.
  • Master the easy to use brain system to add behaviors to anything and bring creations to life.

Anyway, once accepted into the beta, users will need to download and install (from the Windows Store) and complete the process with a special beta key. And just to clarify here, the beta is for Windows 8.1, though you will be creating content ahead of the Xbox One game launch. The beta for the Xbox One is expected in January with a full launch set for later in 2014. Bottom line though, those looking to begin playing should head to the Join Project Spark website and request access.

VIA: Kotaku