Microsoft’s 2015 Future Vision video released, connected display everywhere

Lindsey Caldwell - Feb 27, 2015, 4:10am CST
Microsoft’s 2015 Future Vision video released, connected display everywhere

Microsoft has released a new video showcasing their ideas for the future. Demonstrating how emerging technologies could transform the future, Microsoft creates a very unique compilation. It’s sleek and precisely orchestrated to create an introspective look at what Microsoft hopes it can achieve for the world in the not-too-distant future. The video is futuristic but strangely grounded in reality. Each of the tasks carried out in the video don’t seem that far off from today’s technological capabilities. Microsoft’s Future Vision is set just five to ten years in the future.

We see lots of different interfaces. from ultra thin tables that can fold like pages on a book, to an entire wall being used for video chatting. Every surface seems to be interact-able. One of the coolest ideas, is an interactive 3D holographic projection that appears from a tabletop screen. Each aspect of the image could be tweaked by touch. It feels utterly sci-fi, but the way Microsoft envisions in being used in everyday life keeps it firmly grounded in reality.

If we look at the past, just ten years ago we were without recognizable smartphones and tablets. Ten years ago, the forefront of social media was just being explored for the first time. Only five years ago, the entire genre of wearable technology felt like something from the future.

Great power lies in creating a strong vision. Microsoft’s newest vision is carefully crafted. It’s strength lies in finding the right distance between science fiction and reality. These technological displays in the video create an uplifting vision of the future. It will be interesting to see how this manifests in the next ten years.

Check out the latest video here:

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