Microsoft’s New Xbox 360 Will See a $199 Option Later This Year

Evan Selleck - Jun 21, 2010
Microsoft’s New Xbox 360 Will See a $199 Option Later This Year

Having multiple versions of a console to choose from isn’t new for console manufacturers. As it stands, there’s plenty of options out there for anyone to choose their favorite model, all depending on what it is they’re looking for, or what they need at any given time. No hard drive, bigger hard drive, or a bundle game — it all depends on what you want. And, sure enough, while a $199 New Xbox 360 was rumored after its official announcement, it looks like Microsoft has gone ahead and confirmed its future existence.

And, while Microsoft’s confirmed that the lower cost console will get released in the Fall of 2010, there’s no telling what exactly will make it different. A smaller hard drive? How about lacking in integrated wireless Internet access? Maybe it won’t be as shiny? No one knows. We can speculate until the sky falls, and surely one of our guesses would be correct, but we’d much prefer to wait for the final announcement from Microsoft.

As for a Kinect bundle, there’s still “talk” of that bundle coming later this year, too. However, as Microsoft hasn’t officially come forward and announced final pricing for the Kinect, it’ll probably be a bit longer before we hear about a bundle with the New Xbox 360. But, surely, there’s going to be one, especially in time for the Christmas season shoppers. What do you think? What would make the New Xbox 360 drop down to $199?

[via Joystiq]

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