Microsoft’s Ergonomic Mouse gets the once-over

Chris Davies - Oct 31, 2006

I think I know almost exactly what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking “goodness, is that the hand of Philippe Suchaud, member of the winning French World Championship 2005 Boule team, gripping a ball so tightly that it has deformed?!” and you’re entirely wrong.  It’s actually Microsoft’s Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000, being gently and caressingly held in the hand of a happily mousing member of the EverythingUSB team.  But don’t sob like a teased child, instead enjoy their comprehensive review of this, the latest peripheral from the much-maligned (and grudgingly admired) software giant.

Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 

Designed to prevent you from ever putting your hand and wrist in a position that might threaten RSI, and coming with a package of software that, among other things, mimics Apple’s Exposé by offering a “show all windows” tiler:

Microsoft Natural Mouse 6000 - Instant Viewer screen tiler

What do they think?  There’re a couple of hardware omissions (like a non-ratcheting scroll wheel) and a warning to anyone unwilling to bow to the 6000’s “posture perfect” design; for anything more you’ll just have to check out their review!

Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 review [EverythingUSB] – thanks to Ian for the tip!

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