Microsoft's Bing integrates Facebook Likes and comments

Microsoft is continuously adding new features to its Bing search engine, and this time around the company has added integration for Facebook that allows users of the social networking site to comment and Like stuff directly in Bing search results. Microsoft has been researching ways to distinguish itself from Google, and it seems social is the way to go for them.

After you log in with your Microsoft account and connect your Facebook account to Bing, you will discover that you can view comments on Facebook posts in the sidebar inside of the search engine. From there, you can comment and "like" posts without having to visit the Facebook homepage. Whenever you search for something, Bing will automatically bring up any relevant Facebook posts from friends, whether or not they're recent.

The social sidebar that's included in Bing has been a feature for a while now, allowing users to connect their Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, or Klout accounts to receive relevant posts from friends on social networks regarding search queries that you make to Bing. Google has a similar sidebar, known as Knowledge Graph, that brings up any third-party relevant info during a search.

This is just another example of the close relationship between Microsoft and Facebook. The social network's new Graph Search tool, for example, includes results from Bing search on top of Facebook's own results, so the relationship and integration between the two services goes both ways.

VIA: PC World

SOURCE: Microsoft Bing Blog