Microsoft Zunes reportedly committing mass suicide

Reports came flooding in stating that the 30GB Microsoft Zunes are killing themselves. This is not happening to just a few here and there either, it's widespread. From what we gather there is some sort of weird bug that is somehow simultaneously killing all of the music players starting at 12AM.

Many are speculating that the timing is just right for an issue like this to happen because it is New Year's Eve and we all remember the Y2K conspiracy that was blowing around. One of the funniest explanations comes from NYC Bureau Chief John C Abel who prefers the answer, "Brilliant Microsoft DRM Technology."

All of the reported issues are simply a freezing of the device with no response of any kind. A user over at forums by the name of Grunfloz said:

From what I can tell it looks like every Zune 30 on the planet has suddenly crashed. Is this a virus? A glitch? A time bomb? A disgruntled Microsoft employee? Planned obsolescence to make us buy a new one? Or just a terrorist plot to drive the free world crazy?

We're digging into this, but it's likely we'll have to wait for an official response from Microsoft. At least it's not the iPod. If it was, we'd likely wait a couple months before Apple got around to fixing it.