Microsoft Zune in action - Wireless Song Transfer

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that the guys at Microsoft 10 have got their hands on a Zune, but two of them?!  I'm shocked and appalled at this blatant favouritism, and you can be sure that as soon as I've finished watching their video of the music-playing marvels transferring songs between themselves I'll be writing a letter to the Pope in complaint.


Seriously, though, this is a make or break one for the bods over at Microsoft.  Wireless could be the must-have PMP feature with Zune riding the crest, but if they lock it down tighter than the underpants of a particularly devout nun then they run the risk of other, more moderate companies stealing their thunder.  I mean, watch their video and tell me it's not a cool feature!

Microsoft 10 [via greg hughes dot net]