Microsoft Zune HD Looks To Be the Only Zune On the Market Soon

With the release of the Zune HD pretty imminent, the news we're getting seems right on cue. Microsoft has a wide range of Zune players out right now, from 4GB all the way up to 120GB, but it looks like they're setting all of their hopes and dreams on the next best thing. And yes, it is the next best thing.

September 15th is the launch date for the Zune HD, and according to SuperSite's Paul Therrott, the Zune HD will be the only Zune model available after launch. The interview with the Zune team also eluded to the fact that if you pre-order the 16GB Zune HD, you can only get the model in matte black. If you pre-order the 32GB Zune HD, you only get platinum. The other available colors will only be able to be picked up at launch date, from both online and physical retail stores.

We're looking at the end of a Zune era, coming in about two weeks. If you're wanting to get a cheap, current generation Zune for whatever reason, it'd probably be best to keep your eyes open for deals that will inevitably be popping up as stores begin to clear stock. Of course, considering what's coming, you might want to save some cash.

[via I4U News]