Microsoft ZenZui mobile UI now known as Zumobi

"What is a name?" well in today's consumer oriented market it means a lot, but a change from ZenZui to Zumobi, I don't think consumers are going to care much. It's a zooming user interface, I have no clue what that means, but it sounds like something else MS ripped off of the iPhone.

It will be available for WinMo 5 and 6 devices as well as a BlackBerry and J2ME version to be released later, like Q2 next year. the Windows Mobile versions will have a public beta dropping on December 14th if you are interested.

The rumored Zune phone is supposed to be the flagship product that is launching soon, hopefully. No idea what the Zune phone will look like, but with this pic showing off the tech on an HTC handset, I see nothing but good things in the potential Zune phone's future.

ZenZui renamed to Zumobi; Public beta coming in December [via intomobile]