Microsoft Xim lets you share photos to any phone

Microsoft Research Fuse Labs have created an app that'll allow you to share galleries of photos between devices with great ease. Instead of focusing on a social network like Facebook, or an old technology like email, they've created Xim, an app that does not require every user to download. This app works on Windows Phone (of course), as well as iOS for iPhone / iPad, and Android. It's cross-device and super simple to use – and it'll be out immediately if not soon.

Generally I'll take the time to explain everything about an app for you, the reader, with images and all that good stuff. But in this case, the folks who made the app – Microsoft Research Fuse Labs – have done an awesome job of creating a "what's what" video themselves. How about that?

Only one person in your sharing group needs to have this Xim app installed. From there, you can share your photos to a group and everyone can browse. You can create a single slideshow that everyone can comment on at once, and everyone can view at once. It's a shared experience.

Thus far only the Android app is available – surprise! Apple isn't first! We'll be seeing the Windows Phone Store and the Apple App Store soon. For now – courage. Head to the GetXim site now if you're still waiting, or if you've got an Android device, move to Google Play instantly.