Microsoft Xbox One "Made By You" lets you influence Gamerpic Gallery

Microsoft this week announced a contest whereby you can submit a Gamerpic design to be featured in the Xbox One Gamerpic Gallery. If your design is selected, it will appear for all Xbox One gamers to use as their Gamerpic. Plus, you'll get a free Xbox One controller "to commemorate the win," Microsoft wrote on the "Made By You" contest page.

It's not clear if the controller will be a special commemorative edition for being a design contest winner, if you'll get a choice of special and limited edition controller, or if you'll just get an extra, regular-black Xbox One controller for your console. It's a pleasant little present for you in any case, if your design is a winner.

The announcement was made on Xbox Live's Major Nelson's blog. Finalists will be selected by the Xbox team. Winners will be selected by you the Xbox community in a vote on the contest page starting after the submission deadline. One hundred designs will make the cut.

To enter, just visit the contest page and upload your design there. It can be any image‚Äďa hand-drawn-design, a PhotoShop jobbie, or just a photograph. Submissions must measure 1080 x1080, at 96 dpi (dots per inch), in the .png file format. You can't include any text. Submission deadline is Dec. 9, 2013. Voting ends Dec. 20.

SOURCE: Major Nelson