Microsoft Xbox Kinect Official Name for Project Natal

Evan Selleck - Jun 13, 2010, 8:11pm CDT
Microsoft Xbox Kinect Official Name for Project Natal

While people may have gotten accustomed to the project name for Microsoft’s upcoming motion-based peripheral gaming unit, Microsoft made sure today, just a day before the start of E3, that everyone knew it certainly was just a project. Formerly known as Project Natal, the next best thing from Redmond is just hours away from getting another global showcase. This time, though, you’ll see a whole new title.

Kinect. (Kind of like connect, we imagine. But, you know, not.) Say good-bye to Project Natal, and welcome with open arms Xbox Kinect. Everything else we know about the peripheral, like how it’s supposed to incorporate the full range of motion, as well as your entire body, into the game itself is still there, so don’t think everything’s changed. Just the name.

As for games? Thanks to USA Today, we know there’s upwards of a dozen titles being created for the peripheral’s launch. Of those, you can expect to see a Star Wars title from LucasArts, some kind of dancing game from MTV, a title kin to Wii Sports, called Kinect Sports, and a pet-training project. Games wise, it doesn’t look like Microsoft is aiming to hit the launch day out of the park, but then again, that Star Wars title could be something close to amazing if they get it right. Or, those other titles could just hit the right spot for all the casual gamers out there, and then Microsoft could definitely try for that 5 million Kinect units sold in 2010 goal they’ve got for themselves. Hopefully Microsoft gives a full demonstration of all the launch day titles, that way we know what to expect by the time launch happens.

[via Kotaku]

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