Microsoft Xbox 360 Announcements Coming This Week

Rue Liu - Feb 21, 2011
Microsoft Xbox 360 Announcements Coming This Week

Microsoft is planning a conference at the upcoming Game Developers Conference (GDC) this week in San Francisco. Not many details on what the conference will be about specifically, but it is rumored to be Kinect focused.

Particulars about the conference are sparse, but Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb said on his latest podcast that gamers will be “really happy” when they hear the news. The company is working on four upcoming Kinect games for 2011, which might include the rumored Gears of War title or Forza 4. There are also reports of Microsoft preparing Kinect SDK and drivers for Windows, allowing users to connect the accessory to their PCs.

Microsoft’s Kinect sensor for its Xbox 360 has been a huge hit for the company selling 8 million units over the holiday season, surpassing Microsoft’s own predictions of 5 million units. With the surge of popularity Microsoft used up their January and February stocks, so shortages may be hitting consumers in the next few weeks.

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