Microsoft Windows Store opens today in 231 markets

Today Microsoft is hosting their official Windows 8 launch party. We'll be learning all about the new and improved Windows 8 experience. That isn't all though. Another main feature of the Windows 8 experience is the new Windows Store — the download center of Windows 8-based PCs, notebooks tablets and more. While we didn't get anything too new or specific today, here's what Microsoft's Steve Sinofsky had to say:

The new Windows Store will be the heart and download center of Windows 8, and even more importantly Windows RT — since Store apps are the only ones that will work properly in Windows RT. Then again we already knew that. Sadly we were hoping to report at least a few numbers regarding the brand new Windows Store and how many apps will be available today, but that didn't happen.

However, Sinofsky did share a few tips that hints at Windows Store being one of the biggest and best App stores in the world. Between PC's, Laptops, Ultrabooks, and tablets the Windows Store has the biggest audience and the most potential of any "App Store" today. Clearly aiming at Android and Apple in that regard. The sheer number of devices that developers can target is the largest of any platform. While we didn't get any actual numbers to brag about (they didn't have any bragging rights apparently) Microsoft was quick to point out that their Windows Store will have more apps "at launch" than any other app store in history. Clearly meaning they have a great start, but that's basically it.

The all new Windows Store in Windows 8 is enjoying the grand opening starting today worldwide. The Windows Store is open for business as of today in 231 markets worldwide, and available in 109 languages out of the gate. More will be added daily and throughout the next few weeks. For any and all details on Windows you'll surely want to take a peek at our Windows 8 Review, as well as our Microsoft Surface RT Review. Stay tuned for plenty of Windows 8 news all day long.