Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 gets a pre-release facelift

When Windows Mobile 6.5 was unveiled, it was met with some harsh criticism. But now Microsoft has revealed at the MIX09 conference that they've been listening to the people's concerns and have made serious changes to the interface.

Originally, the interface sported a honeycomb design that showed what areas were touch sensitive. But this didn't fly with the public at large, and now the lines that separated the touch zones have disappeared and the icons are magnified, making them much easier to read and visualize.

The scrolling function has also been changed to respond more like the iPhone in that the scrolling stops when you stop moving your finger. Windows Mobile 6.5 is expected to be completed next month, so this is a rather significant change for the last minute. You can expect phones that come with Windows Mobile 6.5 in the fall.

[via Ars Technica]