Microsoft Windows 8 Will Have User-Friendly Reinstall Button

So, how many of you can relate to this story? Your computer has been infected by a virus, or it's just running really slow, or you accidentally deleted a system file, or maybe you bought the computer from someone else and it still has all the previous owner's junk on it. If you wanted to just perform a complete, fresh install of Windows, would you be able to find your original Windows install disc? A lot of you would probably say no.

However, it looks like that might not be such a problem in the next version of Windows. Microsoft will be implementing a simple, easy way to reinstall Windows 8. There will be two options. The first is if your PC is just running slow and you want to just reinstall the OS to clean things up. This option won't affect your important files or documents. The other option is to completely reset your PC, launching a clean, unaltered version of Windows 8.

To do either of these in Windows 7 requires having your physical installation disc from when you got your computer, or bought a Windows 7 DVD to upgrade your Vista or XP computer. Admittedly, doing this was kind of like taking a step back in time, and fortunately Microsoft has implemented a way where it can still verify that you're running a legitimate version of the OS, and can keep it running at a basic level so that there's still enough information to install the software from the ground up. Yes, it is a very welcome addition.

[via Liliputing]