Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet Demo Possibly In June

Rue Liu - Feb 28, 2011, 5:29pm CST
Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet Demo Possibly In June

There are rumors that Microsoft could have its first offering of Windows 8 operating system by the end of June, which is Microsoft’s fiscal year end. The design is specifically for tablets and the new interface is rumored to take hints from Apple and parts of the Metro interface found in Windows Phone 7.

Many believe that Microsoft Windows 8 will have its first beta by September, but the company usually has at least one or more extra beta releases followed with at least one more candidate release. Microsoft is known for a three-year release schedule it adheres to for new OS and could have Windows 8 on tablets by the end of 2012, which would put it three years after Windows 7 shipped.

Microsoft has had a hard time cracking the tablet market with Windows and is far behind the leaders iOS and Android. The HP Slate was supposed to help Windows break into the market with a splash but its delay ultimately lead it to more niche sales. We will see if Windows 8 will help Microsoft gain ground in the booming tablet market.

[via Business Insider]

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