Microsoft wants broadband Internet through rural America by 2022

Microsoft wants to see broadband Internet made available throughout rural America, something that will involve using different technologies to make it financially possible, according to the company. As part of this, the company has announced its new Rural Airband Initiative, saying it is finding telecommunications partners and will be, alongside them, starting at least a dozen projects across a dozen states within the next year.

While many people in the US have access to high-speed Internet, there are still many communities and farms that have little or no Internet options...either wired or wireless. This is a problem given the increasingly connected nature of modern life; Internet is necessary for taking advantage of educational opportunities, keeping up to date with news, and more.

Various companies have revealed efforts and projects to help bring high-speed Internet to rural America, and now Microsoft is among them. The company explains that it doesn't intend to 'profit directly' from the broadband that is launched under its initiative, nor does it want to get into the telecommunications business.

In addition to supporting these partnership efforts, Microsoft says it will be helping train the residents of these newly connected communities with 'digital skills training,' ensuring they're able to utilize the Internet they now have access to.

Finally, Microsoft will help 'stimulate investment' by licensing technology, doing this via a new tech program for sharing knowledge with other companies, as well as offering up royalty-free access to 39 or more patents and sample source code. States that will benefits from the upcoming dozen projects include Michigan, Washington, Texas, Arizona, New York, Maine, the Dakotas, Georgia, Virginia, and Kansas.

SOURCE: Microsoft