Microsoft unveils on{x} automation app for Android

Microsoft has just introduced an exciting mobile automation platform called on{x}, which will be available only on Android smartphones initially, before even the company's own Windows Phones. The tool, consisting of a website and app, allows users to set automated tasks and reminders through the use of various scripts or "recipes."

You can create your own recipes using javascript or choose from the many stock recipes available to perform a variety of automated tasks on your phone. Some examples include setting reminders based on the weather forecast, sending a text message when you arrive at a specific location, or playing your favorite music while you're in your car.

Created by a Microsoft team in Israel, on{x} is completely open to developers, allowing them to create and share automation recipes. The beta app is available today on Google Play exclusively, where it would probably get more of a user base for testing than it would on Windows Phone. After the initial trial, the platform will likely be integrated into Windows Phone 8 later this year.

[via Engadget]