Microsoft unveils new Windows 8 ad

Microsoft is going balls to the wall with marketing and advertising for their upcoming Windows 8 operating system, and it's estimated they'll spend between $1.5 billion and $1.8 billion on marketing alone. Yesterday, Microsoft launched a new ad for Windows 8 that teases the user interface and simply refers us to wait until "10.26.12".

The ad is actually pretty clever and quite good. It starts out with a dramatic countdown, which is certainly cliche of any upcoming launch advertisement, but the countdown stops at 8 and continues to repeat the number 8 (for Windows 8, obviously). In between, we see glimpses of Windows 8 in action, as well as the various hardware from Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, and Acer.

We also catch a quick look at different apps and games, such as Xbox Video, Fruit Ninja, and various photo and painting applications. To anyone who has used Windows 8 already, like the different preview or beta versions, the ad won't really be anything new, but if you're still waiting for the final release and haven't yet gotten your hands on the new OS (literally), this ad will certainly whet your appetite.

Windows 8 will officially launch next Friday on October 26, and we have the invitation and everything, so we'll be there to bring you the latest updates on the launch and any other details that release on the same day. We're pretty excited to see Windows 8 in action and we're curious how the general public will react to the revamped OS.

[via Gizmodo]