Microsoft unveils deeper integration of Office docs and Outlook for iOS

Microsoft has announced that deeper integration between Outlook and other Office apps for the iPhone and iPad has launched. Those other Office apps for iOS devices include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Microsoft's goal with the deeper integration is to make it easier to share and collaborate on Office documents on the go.

Outlook for iOS is now able to open Office documents sent as attachments directly in their respective apps. That means that the attachment will open in Word rather than opening in a simple viewer as it did previously.

Microsoft has also streamlined the process required for collaborating on files sent as attachments. Outlook can open attachments in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint directly in those apps. Users who don't have the apps needed will see the documents in a built-in viewer and get a link to download the app from the App Store.

Once the documents are open in their apps, the user can edit all they want and when the editing is done a tap on the back button takes you back to Outlook. The edited file you were working on is then automatically attached to the email for you to make replies much easier. Microsoft says that the new integration should come to Android users within the next few months.

SOURCE: Office