Microsoft Trying to Sway iPod Accessory Makers

Benjamin Nied - Jul 13, 2006

Microsoft, the evil empire that could, is apparently trying to persuade iPod accessory makers to join the Dark Side; in this case, Microsoft is trying to convince them to make accessories for the upcoming Microsoft Zune as well. Similar to the iPod like, the Zune will feature its own expansion port (guaranteed to be compatible with nothing that looks remotely like it), but the kicker is that the new port will apparently allow companies to manufacture accessories for less money; this alone could sway several iPod accessory makers away from Apple into the realm of Microsoft.

Also, according to the report, Microsoft’s wireless communcation technology will apparently not be a standard protocol (like Bluetooth), but instead will be some sort of proprietary communications protocol that won’t be compatible with anything we’ve seen today. This alone is probably going to anger many customers with Bluetooth headphones and whatnot, as it means that they’ll still need to use special adapters to get their devices working on the Zune. Only time will tell if Microsoft’s might is enough to tackle the Apple iPod empire, but this is one fight you’re going to want to keep your eyes on. And place bets on.

[via iLounge]

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