Microsoft Translator now translates your in-person conversations

Microsoft Translator is taking another step toward eliminating the language barrier separating many people, making it possible to see real-time translations during your conversation with someone speaking a different language. It's an essential business tool and a great way to expand your horizons while traveling, and it only requires each person to have a phone and the Microsoft Translator app.

Microsoft has heavily pushed the real-time translation technology found in Skype, and it is doing the same for its language translation app. The idea here is that learning languages is difficult and time consuming, but technology can eliminate the need entirely. Two individuals who speak different languages — with the right technology — can see translations in their own language, removing the need for a third-party (human) translator.

The new Translator feature supports both one-on-one conversations and group conversations, and can be accessed using both the Translator app and the service's website. One person must start a new conversation by choosing a 'conversation code,' entering their name, and their own language. Anyone else who receives the confirmation code can join the translation session.

Once everyone is part of the conversation session, they can either type a message in their language or speak it and the app will send a translation to everyone else in their own native languages. The feature is available now in the app, which is available for Windows, iOS, Amazon, and Android. There's also access to the feature through the website itself.

SOURCE: Microsoft Translator