Microsoft to roll out Mail, Calendar and People app updates tomorrow

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 25, 2013, 11:16pm CDT
Microsoft to roll out Mail, Calendar and People app updates tomorrow

Microsoft has announced that it will roll out updates for People, Calendar, and Mail in the Windows Store tomorrow, promising “big improvements” in terms of both new features and improvements to current features. The updates are touted as making it easier to organize and manage accounts and the apps across both the work and personal life spectrums, and to do so in a way that is seamless and unobtrusive.

Starting with the Mail app, users who download the update will see the ability to filter messages by unread-only, as well as a new feature for creating and tweaking folders directly from within the app, making it easier to sort things and keep them organized. Flagging from within the Mail app has also been aded, appearing in both the “Flagged” folder and the inbox. There’s smart contact suggestions, improvements to inserting hyperlinks in messages, and more.

The Calendar app also enjoys its fair share of features and improvements, including a visual update so that it is easier to take in the sum total of all your items and menu options. A “Work Week” view has been added alongside Day, Week, and Month, and support for Microsoft Exchange users’ business account scheduling assistant has been included.

And finally, there’s the People app update. With this update, Microsoft promises that it’ll be easier to “touch, manage, and connect” with friends and other indiviuals across multiple accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and the company’s own App commands can be pulled up via a right-click/top-to-bottom swipe, and navigation has been added for easily toggling between profiles and statuses. Users can now directly post to Facebook walls, and Twitters and other such notifications are now shown under “What’s New”.

[via Windows Blog]

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