Microsoft to release blue Zune?

Chris Scott Barr - Sep 12, 2007

Is Microsoft about to launch the Zune in a new color? If a tree falls in the woods and kills a mime, does anyone care? A recent Target ad will shed light one one of these burning questions.

Apparently a Target ad that’s good for September 9th-15th shows off the Zune in blue. Wow, they’ve finally gotten around to releasing it in blue? I’m finally going to overlook all of the reasons why I don’t care and buy one!

I didn’t see any of these when I was at Target a couple of days ago, but then again I don’t regularly examine their stock of Zunes while in their electronics department. I’m going to venture a guess that they’re not out, and this is likely some sort of mis-print by Target. Will we ever see a blue Zune? The real question is whether or not anyone will care.

Blue Zune surfaces in Target ad
[via boygenius]

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