Microsoft testing Outlook for Windows RT, sources say

Rumor has it that Microsoft is testing a completed version of the email client Outlook for Windows RT, which currently only offers the ultra-basic Mail client. This information comes from the folks over at CNET, who say that three sources with knowledge of the situation have confirmed the existence of Outlook RT. The downside? According to two of the sources, Microsoft may never make the client available to consumers.

The reason? According to the sources, there's an ongoing debate within Microsoft about whether Outlook RT should exist, or if the existing Mail client is enough. It seems odd for Microsoft not to offer the client, considering that it offers an RT Office suite, which has most of the applications one would expect – except Outlook. Variety of choice is always a good thing.

It's said that some within Microsoft think the existing Mail app should be left as-is and renamed to Outlook. Other are said to be in favor of releasing Outlook RT for consumers to nab if they want it, while finally there are those who don't think doing this would necessarily be in the company's best interest.

Of course, the information comes from unidentified sources, and as such, it may be incorrect or only show part of the story. Microsoft hasn't offered any official statements on the rumors, and unless the client becomes reality, we may never know if it ever existed. If you're a Surface owner, would you like to see Outlook RT, or is Mail good enough? Let us know in the comments!

[via CNET]