Microsoft teams with Adrien Sauvage, makes wireless charging pants

Microsoft has teamed up in collaboration with English fashion designer Adrien Sauvage, working together with him to develop a pair of pants that can charge your smartphone while on the go. The pants were showcased at a fashion show in London last night.

The pants, described by the fashion designer as "wearable chino", is a piece of wearable technology, even if clothing isn't something you'd immediately consider a wearable. In the front pocket is a wireless charging plate from the Nokia DC-50, bringing a mixture of style and tech.

The pants are said to be the by-product of trial and error, with a lot of work being involved in keeping the heat down and without having a cumbersome device getting in the way of things. At the end of it all, and quite unfortunately, there's no way to machine wash the pants.

Still, if you're keen on pants that can charge your phone up, they'll be made available for purchase on Amazon's fashion store, and the price — while not yet final — will be over $340, according to the maker.

SOURCE: Business Insider