Microsoft talks Windows 8 embedded flavors

Microsoft Windows 8 in tablet flavor is expected to hit market in Q3 2012. Along with that version of the new OS will also come a hoard of embedded versions for different uses. Microsoft is talking about some of those Windows 8 flavors for embedded devices today. There are multiple embedded flavors of Windows for different needs and footprints.

Versions that will be coming include Windows Embedded Enterprise for things like ATMs and kiosks. This version is set to land a quarter after the desktop version of Win 8. Embedded Standard will be offered in Community Technology Preview form in Q1 2012 and is designed for various devices. General availability is said to be coming three quarters after the PC version.

Windows Embedded Compact is for small footprint devices and will come in H2 2012. It will support ARM and x86 processors. There is no detail offered on Windows Embedded Server right now. Windows Embedded Handheld 7 was killed earlier this year.

[via ZDNet]