Microsoft Surface wireless keyboard adapter axed

The latest on Microsoft is that they have axed the Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapters from their list of peripherals being offered for the Surface Tablets. Although it made its debut in September last year, in six short months the product is 'out of stock' and will never be restocked again.

The thin and cylindrical Bluetooth Adapter connects the Surface and Surface Type and Touch Covers from up to a distance of 30 feet. It basically hooked onto the hinge of the Cover and allowed you to control the Surface from a good distance.

Speaking to CNET, a Microsoft spokesperson said that there were several factors that went into play for making this decision. Presently, Microsoft is evaluating the options on hand and want to remain committed to provide productive solutions to Surface users. The online support also confirmed that the stocks will not be replenished anytime soon.

No specific reasons have been cited by Microsoft but there were some issues reported from existing adapter users. One of the key issues is that the Bluetooth drivers for the Surface required an update to support Windows 8.1 touch gestures. If you are a Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapter user, then let us know of your experience.