Microsoft Surface RT update fixes Wi-Fi issues

Some Surface RT users have experienced problems with Wi-Fi, including crashes that result from some problems with the wireless. Microsoft rolled out an update earlier today to fix several of these problems, which can be grabbed now, and build upon the updates rolled out in March, which also included a fix for wireless connectivity problems experienced by some users.

According to the update notes, the April 2013 Surface RT update is cumulative, and concentrates specifically on correcting problems with the device's Wi-Fi connectivity and reliability, as well as bringing better performance. Specifically among these are three big areas that have been focused upon, dealing with areas that have been frequent sources of complaints.

What are said to be "certain Limited connectivity problems" have been corrected with this update, and so the problem should be resolved for affected users who download the update. In addition, device handling of access points has been improved, as well as the system crashes that have resulted from certain Wi-Fi problems, which weren't specified.

If a user hasn't installed the previous updates, they will also be added when the latest one is installed. Those who want to manually install can do so by heading into PC Settings, followed by Settings. From there, it is a simple tap into Change PC Settings > Windows Update. Tap "Check for Updates," and you'll be well on your to seeing your Wi-Fi problems resolved.

[via Microsoft]