Microsoft Surface Pro support ending July 2017

Craig Lloyd - Feb 12, 2013, 1:56pm CST
Microsoft Surface Pro support ending July 2017

Get ready to toss out your brand-new Surface Pro by mid-2017 because that’s when Microsoft is cutting off support for the tablet. According to Microsoft’s Product Lifecycle webpage, the Surface Pro will see its “mainstream support” ending on July 10, 2017 — just four and a half years from now. Granted most people may move on by then, but what about those who want to keep the tablet longer?

Obviously, you’ll still be able to use the Surface Pro long after that date, but many owners of tablets and computers rely on regular updates, and some consider it to be something that they need before considering buying a new product. While four and a half years seems like a long time, there still may be customers who buy a Surface Pro two years from now when prices go down — those people will have an even shorter amount of time with the support lifecycle of the product.

Another interesting facet is that Microsoft usually applies “extended” support for business devices specifically, but the Surface Pro is currently listed as “Not Applicable” under that category, suggesting that while Microsoft advertises the new tablet as a business device, the company may be catering it more towards the everyday consumer in the long run.

Then again, cutting off support for a device a few years in isn’t anything new. Apple has done that with their older iOS devices, including the first-generation iPad and older iPhone and iPod Touch models, which were all shafted of an iOS 6 update. Then again, this may just be the nature of the beast, and the older devices get, the less likely they are to run more complex software as time goes on.

[via PC World]

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