Microsoft Surface Pro ad will make you want to breakdance

Craig Lloyd - Feb 11, 2013, 10:58am CST
Microsoft Surface Pro ad will make you want to breakdance

Microsoft‘s series of Surface advertisements have been interesting to say the least, and their latest one is no exception. It’s the company’s first Surface Pro advertisement to air on television, and while we get to see the tablet being thrown around in a room full of break dancers, we’re not quite sure if Microsoft hit the mark on this one.

Essentially the advertisement is a lot similar to past Surface ads we’ve seen, where the users perform cool trucks with the tablets, and in this case, breakdance with the tablet in hand. In the ad, we see what the Surface Pro can do for only a few split seconds, like take notes with the stylus in business reports, and even create music by plugging in a microphone.

However, the ad doesn’t really get the point across of what the main differences between the original Surface tablet and this new Surface Pro. Sure, tech enthusiasts like you and me (aka geeks) know the differences between the two, but everyday users really only know that the “Pro” tacked on at the end must mean it’s better, without knowing the details.

Of course, the tablet is definitely an improvement over the original model, and it seems Microsoft is just going to leave it at that. The Surface Pro is available now in stores and online with prices starting at $899 for the 64GB version and going up to $999 for the 128GB variant.

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