Microsoft Surface pricing and release details dropped

This week the folks at Microsoft have revealed that they'll be bringing forward a couple of tablets, both of the from the Microsoft Surface family. These tablets will have keyboard covers, full touch displays, Windows RT or Windows 8 Pro, and will be priced to sell. The actual prices have not yet been revealed, but Microsoft has been clear that they'll be "near ultrabook class PCs" as it were.

These devices will be released sometime this summer – again, Microsoft not being entirely clear when they'll be pushed out, in both 32 and 64GB configurations. The Windows 8 Pro version of the Surface will be out 3 months after the Windows RT version, and both will be competing directly from the Microsoft manufacturing plant. These devices will both be developed and manufactured by Microsoft, and will be released by them as well.

Have a peek at our timeline of Surface products below, and stay tuned for our hands-on look at the devices soon!