Microsoft Stores Offering iPad Trade-In Promotion With Gift Cards

For those considering swapping their iPad for a Windows 8 or RT flavored slate, Microsoft has launched a new limited-time trade-in promotion at its Microsoft Stores, accepting the Apple devices under certain conditions and offering in their place a gift card with a basic minimum rate, with some scoring higher values than others, device dependent.

The promotion is running until October 27, with anyone being able to trade in a "gently used" iPad 2, iPad 3, or iPad 4 in return for a Microsoft Store gift card worth a minimum of $200 USD. Unfortunately, the company didn't specify how high the gift card values could go, nor did it go into what it considers "gently used" and what levels of wear and tear would result in different price structures.

The promotion is valid in both the United States and Canada, and Microsoft says the iPad has to be accompanied with its power cord if possible, and that the user will need to remove the password. Likewise, only one iPad can be traded in per customer, so those with a couple generations of the slate to part with will have to choose the best from their bunch.

The promotion is being used to hock both the Surface RT and the Surface Pro, with the RT variety having a starting price of $349 USD, and the Surface Pro having a starting price of $799. Obviously, the gift card can be used for something other than a Surface tablet, but Microsoft makes it fairly apparent that it is running the promotion to try to get more of its tablets into consumer hands.


SOURCE: Microsoft