Microsoft Stores Launching in San Diego and Denver

Microsoft has launched their brick-and-mortar stores in two previous locations: Phoenix, Arizona and Mission Viejo, California, and both of which are pretty large successes for the company. So much so, apparently, that Microsoft is up and ready to expand their footprint in the physical realm, by launching two more stores.

Based on a job board posting, Microsoft is branching out to San Diego and Denver. There's no official word on when the sites will be launched, but it looks like it might be sooner than later. Of course, if you've never been into one of these things, you might not be too surprised by what you find. That would only be because you've probably seen the general design quality before, if you've ever been in an Apple Store. We're not saying they're direct rip-offs, but it's pretty close.

We imagine that's not necessarily a bad thing, because the Apple Stores are definitely working for the Cupertino-based company. We'll have to wait and see if they turn out to be some kind of ridiculous source of great glamor and content, but we can imagine that it's going to be another store. You know, where you can buy your latest version of Microsoft Office, and your next PC all in the same store.

[via Business Insider]