Microsoft Stops Mac And iPad Purchases Using Corporate Funds

The new e-mail from Microsoft's Alain Crozier has been leaked to ZDNet talking about the purchase of Apple products using corporate funds. Crozier is Microsoft's CFO and the e-mail specifically talks about purchases of Macs and iPads For Microsoft's Sales, Marketing, Services, IT, and Operations group known as SMSG. This particular group has about 46,000 Microsoft employees around the world.

The e-mail states that within the SMSG a new policy will be put in place that says Apple products including Macs and iPads should not be purchased with company funds. Apparently, Microsoft had those Apple products live in something it calls its Zones Catalog within the US, which was where such products were purchased for employee use. However, the e-mail states that the policy will be put in place outside the US as well.

The e-mail also notes the current purchase levels of Apple products are low, yet there will be some transition work needing to be completed. When ZDNet reached out to Microsoft to see if this e-mail is legitimate, the publication was met with a "no comment" statement. I would assume the e-mail is legitimate and I'm not surprised that Microsoft doesn't want its money being used to fund its competition by purchasing its products. This would be sort of like a General Motors marketing rep choosing to buy a Ford with company money. What do you think?

[via ZDNet]