Microsoft starting the Windows Phone 7 love at home

You can't accuse Microsoft employees of not drinking the Kool-Aid, or at least their employer making sure there are plenty of jugs of it about.  According to a senior marketing manager at Microsoft, every employee will be getting a Windows Phone 7 handset.

"Woot. Every single microsoft employee will get a windows phone 7 #mgx #yam #smminds" Charl Lee-Pierce [@simchabe]

We've already heard that there is plenty of variety when it comes to smartphones at Microsoft, with many staff harboring a soft-spot for the iPhone despite the fact that the company will now only reimburse service fees for those using a home-grown device.  Still, we reckon there'll be a few more contented people when the Windows Phone 7 boxes arrive; check out our technical preview for more details.

[via Twitter]